The Hive integration - alert creation

Hi Community! I’m configuring n8n to operate with The Hive, I created an HTTP node that with an API request collect several alert that are organized on separate json entities and now I would open a The Hive case for any json entities that I’ve as a output of the HTTP Node. How I can create this workflow?

for every following json entities I would create different The Hive alerts, for example for Item: 0 The Hive Alert 0, for Item: 1 I would create The Hive Alert 1


Can you help me?
thank you

Hey there @backherozzo,
if I understand correctly the Item List node with operation Split out items could be your solution.

Here is the example workflow:

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your suggestion help me a lot and now I’m 1 step ahead but I’haven’t yet completed the workflow. Basically now I’m able to split the different json entities that are alerts that I collect through an API request. After the split I need to parse more data because inside the splitted json I’ve some aggregate data I would like to parse. You can find below the workflow:

Have you any suggestion for that?

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Hey @backherozzo,
sorry but I don’t understand your problem. Are you able to share you workflow here? To share your workflow you can copy and paste your workflow json using the markdown ``` code block like this

paste workflow json here