The app did not complete the Google verification process

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Hi, I’m triyng to connect google sheet to an automation. I follow the “create credential” guide as usual but, So, i create a new credential using the callback URL from n8n as the URI.
Compiled properly CLient ID & Client secret on N8n.
The problem comes when i click on “Sing in with google”.

When try to connect to my google account, i receive this error from google: “the app did not complete the Google verification process”

I’m using the latest version of N8N Desktop (using it as a test)

Hi @Davide_Tamanini, welcome to the community!

This error message refers to the application you have registered with Google (which in the case of n8n desktop would have a URL rending with …

To allow everyone to use your application, you’d need to publish the application in the Google Cloud console. However, it might be easier to simply add the Google user you are trying to authenticate as as a “test” user which should allow them to authenticate even if the app itself isn’t public. You can do so by heading to and then clicking Add Users in the respective section.

Note that the n8n URLs used in n8n desktop aren’t suitable for production use and can change without notice (meaning you might need to run through the auth process again once the Google token expires). So, if you’re trying to set up a production workflow you might want to consider using n8n cloud or self host n8n on a web server.

Hope this helps!

Hi @MutedJam, thank you for your reply. I’ll try your solution :smiley:

I will host N8n very soon, the desktop app is only a way for testing it