The n8n community is now on Discord! πŸ’­

Community has always been at the heart of n8n. We are excited to announce that we now have a community Discord server so that you can share ideas and resources with fellow community members, make new friends, expand your network, and learn from each other.

Join the server now:

With this announcement, we know you might have some questions. We took a stab at anticipating some of them.

When should I use the community forum, and when should I use Discord?

We will continue to use this community forum to answer support-related questions, gather feedback, and feature requests from the community. The community forum helps in creating a knowledge base that helps other members find solutions.

We will not provide any support on the Discord server. Please note that the Discord server is for you to meet other community members, share your knowledge, and make new friends in the automation world!

I don’t know how to use Discord. What should I do?

If you are new to Discord, do not worry, we got you! We will be organizing Discord office hours (in Discord!) to help you get familiar with the application.

Why should I join the Discord server?

  1. Meet and interact with other community members
  2. Participate in fun events
  3. Stay updated with the new product releases
  4. Get updates about community events, live streams, new content, etc.

What should I do after joining the Discord server?

Start by introducing yourself to the community in the #intros channel. We have created a template for you that you can find in the channel description.

Break the ice by showing what you’re building with n8n in the #show-and-tell channel.

Learn about what others have been working on and chat about automation in the #general channel.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Yayyy, excited to meet everyone there! :smiley: