The node should verify hubspot DB

Hello community,

I mocked two email adresses : One exists in my Hubspot database and the other doesn’t.
The output of the workflow should separate (one true and the other false) the email adresse after the last IF node.

Result :

Any help please ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @TheG,

That if statement seems to be checking if the Split in batches node has no items left rather than checking an email address it is also checking to see if =true is the same as true whcih it isn’t so both items go to false.

What does the output of the Merge Loops function look like?

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Hey @Jon ,

Got it, i want to add an if note that verify if the email exists in Hubspot.

Here’s the ouput :


Hey @TheG

You can make your life easier by adding this community node to your flow. :wink:

you should be able to check with the if node if result is empty or not.


Hello BramKnuever,
Thank you for your help, i’m not sure i got it.
Do i should replace the function node ?

Hi @TheG

The community node allows you to remove the if node that checks if there are more batches left. And also has a combine function, so you do not need the function node that combines batches anymore.