The problem with the formula!

There is a problem with the formula and the google table. I pass the string “=1+2”, but n8n doesn’t understand the “=” sign and just automatically deletes it.
As soon as I restart the n8n, the “=” sign itself is removed.

In this case, google does not understand that we need to calculate the sum of the numbers, so just writes in a row of the table value “1 + 2”, and should write “=1 + 2” and calculate the value of “3”.

Hey @Denis_Praskov,

Under Options if you add Cell Format and set it to “Let Google Sheets format” it should do what you are after. You can find an example workflow below that uses this.

This unfortunately does not work. As soon as you close the Google Sheets node the “=” disappear. It has something to do with it converting it to an expression instead of fixed and then removes the “=” because I guess as an expression there is no need for a “=”. This happens if you have the Cell Format set to “Let Google Sheets format”, let n8n format or switching it to an expression and using “USER INPUT” or whatever. Doesnt seem to matter, the “=” disappears every time. Any thoughts on a work around for this?

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