The URL path that the "Folder|List updated|created" node uses is already taken. Please change it to something else

What kind of mistake is this?

I can’t get the job started.

Hey @Mikhail,

Which node are you using?

@jon My own. Everything was working, I was setting up - then this error.

I restarted the server - now the error is gone.

That is good to hear, it would be nice to work out a bit more but as it is a custom node it changes things a bit and we would need to know more about the node (is it a trigger or standard node, does it use a webhook that sort of stuff).


Now, I can’t select and copy anything. Copy/paste doesn’t work.

I could dump everything here on the forum, but how do I do that if Ctrl+C doesn’t work. :slightly_frowning_face:

Now, it works. Then it stopped again - it works, then it doesn’t.

The VPS is not overloaded.

I must have misunderstood what you meant by “Which node are you using?”. It seems so to me.

Hey @Mikhail,

If you are using a node you have created we will need to know more about that node.

All I use is in here:

Perfect so it isn’t your own node, when you added the trigger nodes did you duplicate them or add them from the node list?

Where do you see the error as well is it when activating or while manually running?

Yes, I duplicate them quite often.
Is it better to re-add from the node list?

On the right in the bottom corner, when I tried to start it manually.

It is best to add them both manually if they use a webhook as sometimes the url can be duplicated.

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Thank you @jon so much for your time and help!

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No problem, is it working now?

@jon Confirmed, it’s working now.

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That is good news :+1: