There was a problem loading init data: Request failed with status code 404

Hi everybody, i just run the editor-ui in local development and start under http://localhost:5678
i get this message and can’t figure out what i am missing, there is a screen shot i have attached also

That error message suggests that there is something wrong with the backend. So worth checking the console where you have it running.

You can also check what you get when you open: http://localhost:5678/healthz
It should return {"status":"ok"}

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blank , and keep in mind i just run editor-ui not any other package

Hm, then I am totally confused. What do you want to do and what do you expect to happen in this case? It is like a car without an engine. From the outside does it probably look the same but both times are very essential parts missing.
The engine is the “thing” that moves the car forward, and the backend is the “thing” that provides all the data for the frontend and does all the actual work. So each part is very important but does not function without the other.

But that makes then all sense and no sense a the same time.

That makes sense:

  • the frontend without the backend can not work (as described above).

That makes no sense:

  • if you say the backend is not running, then nothing would serve the page from port 5678 from your first screenshot.
  • If you run only the editor-ui in dev mode it would run on port 8080
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please get attached image for detail

Did you see this page?

It describes how to set up n8n for development.