Thinking : Social Login in From Node


Good news today in 1.12.0 : Release [email protected] · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub : n8n Form Trigger Node: New node

It’s a very good news for workflows with user interactions.

The next improvement is a way to identify the user.

My idea is to use Social Login to identify the user and adapt the workflow to him.

How can we do that ?

My first idea is to use Firebase Authentication.
It’s compatible with sign in from Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Github for the basic version, and any OpenId Connect service with Identity Platform.

Another solution is to use javascript/typescript client like GitHub - authts/oidc-client-ts: OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth2 protocol support for browser-based JavaScript applications
But I haven’t study it for now.

In my idea, I can get an api token with this system and use it in the flowing nodes in the workflow ?

What do you think about this idea ?
Do you see a way to implement it ?

sorry for my english

Hey @JulienDelRio,

I think there are other options that could be added as well like being able to respond to the users input rather than it being just for “collection”.

In theory you could use the form trigger community node which has more options available like custom html forms and responses which may allow part of this but it isn’t as clean.

It sounds like you are probably after more of a complete lowcode / nocode front end / app builder for your n8n workflows.

Il will make a test with a fake workflow and go back here to share the workflow.

A friend of mine made a solution with open id connect : Please Open It Blog

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That looks similar to a workflow I was using in the past, Nice work.

Hi everyone, the workflow has been published :

Thanks to n8n team !


I worked with Mathieu today.

I have a workflow to animate a workshop at my job “Simple login with Open ID Connect” to test MFA with my colleague !!!

Mathieu should publish a v2.

Hello Mathieu,
Have you tried OKTA instead of Keycloak?
I tried, but it didn’t work for me.

Our flow is not dedicated to Keycloak, it uses auth_code (with or without PKCE). We tested it with Keycloak and Google, not okta for now but it should work because there is no specific APIs/Uses in okta.
What is the configuration you put and the error you have ?

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n8n webhook URL: https://MY_DOMAIN/webhook/production-webhook

OKTA APP configuration:

Okta Application after pressing the Save button:

n8n “Set variables : auth, token, userinfo, client id, scope” configuration:
client_id: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX0i7 (value from OKTA)
scope: openid
redirect_uri: https://n8n_production_webhook_url/webhook/production-webhook
client_secret: EMPTY (When I choose Single-Page Application, OKTA does not generate a secret.)

Other code without changes.
Activated workflow, go to the production webhook URL: https://n8n_production_webhook_url/webhook/production-webhook

URL shows https://n8n_production_webhook_url/webhook/production-webhook?error=invalid_request&error_description=The+authentication+request+has+an+invalid+%27state%27+parameter.

I also tried to choose a Web Application in OKTA, it generates client_secret, but it also does not work.

Okta has a free trial or free developer account.

I would be extremely grateful if you could make a separate tutorial for OKTA. :pray: