This is one of the few "confusing" workflows that I run 😀

This is one of the few “confusing” workflows that I run :grinning:
Am a marketer and one of my weekly tasks is email outreach. For this, I have to get new contacts, sort them into the respective tags, and then based on the previous campaign sent, either send a new campaign or a follow-up campaign. With new lists each day from different scrapping methods, it can be a crazy amount of data to follow.

I have built around 5 workflows in one, each doing a specific role based on the active nodes ( @jan I do love the quick buttons on the 1.29 version. Makes it easier to activate and deactivate nodes on the go)

  1. Gets different segments from different Google Sheets and merges them into one list
  2. Gets a list with emails from the previous campaign and extracts the data then compares it to the desired email list we had merged to find “emails not sent”
  3. Recheck if the emails can be delivered among other factors
  4. Compares the outgoing list to the client list(Dont pitch to a client)
  5. Exports the data to a CSV that can then be uploaded to our email platform

I also figured you could just pause a node and the data wil be “jumped” on to the next node. I


I like it, I feel like we could do with an auto layout button that spaces the nodes out to make it a bit easier to follow :slight_smile:

Agreed. That would make the final look much appealing