Timeline for User Management feature?

Hey There,

I recently saw in this announcement that you are planning to release user management features alongside n8n 1.0! This would be a huge deal for our use case and could dramatically increase how much we use the product. Is there any general time frame on when we can expect 1.0/User Management to be released?



Hi @dakotaheyman
Glad to hear that User Management is going to be very helpful for your usecase :partying_face:

While I can’t give you a firm estimate on when it’ll be released, I can say it’s the biggest single feature that we’re working on at the moment - so there is a lot of brainpower behind getting this out in a timely manner.



Thanks @maxT, I understand not being able to have a firm release date yet so I appreciate the response!


Hey there, just checking in to see if there are any updates on the User Management feature? I know its not out yet and there is no set timeframe but is it something being actively worked on? Could you envision it coming out later this year?

Like I had said, this feature could be huge for our usecase so just wanted to check in on this :smiley:

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It’s definitely being actively worked on :slight_smile:

Can you share more about your use case? Which features would you need exactly? (e.g. do you just need to prevent different users accessing each other’s workflows, or do you also need them to be able to share workflows with each other?)

@sirdavidoff Pretty much the entire user management system would be beneficial to us :smiley:

Right now, we are giving people all separate EC2 instances with our custom n8n code running in docker. This works well so that people can’t access each other’s credentials but it also means we can only share workflows if we manually export/import JSON files. It also is hard to maintain all these instances so it would be awesome to have a single environment that is managed by a user management system instead!

We’re also eagerly awaiting user management. In our case, we have a small app and being able to add integrations without having to build all of them out would be great.

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Just wanted to mention that user management v1 is now open for testing. If you’d like to get early access and test this feature, just DM me. Thanks!

We have released V1 of user management :rocket:

See this post for more details on this User Management V1 release: User and Privilege Management [GOT CREATED] - #48 by maxT