{{$today}} end of day

The super useful expression {{$today}} returns today’s date at the beginning of the day:
For instance today it returns “2023-01-18T00:00:00.000-03:00”

Is there a similar expression for today, but end of day?
That would return for example: “2023-01-18T23:59:59.999-03:00”

Or perhaps an expression where i can add one day to Today that would give me “2023-01-19T00:00:00.000-03:00”

Of course you can, with Luxon. :slight_smile:


Hi Bramkn, i tried the following expressions in my JSON :




But it did not recognise the object.

What did work was what I found reading the documentation for Luxon:

{{$today.plus({days: 1})}} so I can use that to be today’s end of day.

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It should work though, i’ve used it a while back. If I recall correctly.

Hi @fxholl, I am sorry you’re having trouble. Can you confirm which version of n8n exactly you are using?

I just tried your expression using the below workflow on a few different versions and it seems to run fine for me:


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