Today's Date [Got created]

Hello. I’d like an easy way to get today’s date. It took me a longer time to figure out that I have to resort to javascript.

This seems like a simple thing to implement, and I’ll be happy to provide a patch. I thought I should open a feature request before that.

I was thinking of modifying the existing DateTime node to add an extra ‘Today’ as an action.

On the topic of dates, it would be also useful to add other operations, too:

Take a date property and add/subtract x days/weeks/months/years. Doing this in javascript is cumbersome.

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Some good quality of life changes there, don’t forget to hit the vote button so it counts.

Hey @vhanda,

Thanks for opening this feature request. We are working on extending the expressions which would make it easy!

@ZXS, we added the add and subtraction functionality to the Date and Time. Did you try that?

Oh wow. I didn’t.

Forget about what I said :slight_smile: When I needed it it was not available yet, so I used the function node and forgot about it.
Looks like it’s been around for a little while too. Thanks man! I’ll try this in the next days.

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Hi @harshil1712

Did you plan to add the functionality to get today’s date ? I am trying to remove all my Function Node but I’m still stuck with it when I need to fetch the current date.

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Is planned but did not get implemented yet.

There is no reason to use a Function-Node to do that. It can be done in every node on every parameter via an expression as they use JavaScript.

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You can do this in an expression, using {{$today}} or {{$now}}. More information on working with dates here