Todoist integration not working anymore with n8n docker

Hello @MutedJam
I am having issues with Todoist integration to n8n. I was using the API token up to now and it was working realluy fine. Since a few days, n8n can not connect anymore.
I get the message below:

Every other services are working, so it seems not to be from my setup.

Are you aware of some changes with Todoist connection?


I just gave this a go on my end using [email protected] and didn’t notice any problem here:

The node itself also runs fine for me:

Is this perhaps just a case of your API key having changed?

If not, are you by any chance using an n8n version older than 0.205.0? In this version, the node was updated to use the latest Todoist API version, so if you’re on an older version of n8n that could be the problem here.

Ah yes, I just checked, I was in 0.198!!!

Many thanks! I have been searching during 2 days!



Awesome, glad to hear this did the trick. Thanks so much for confirming!


I was having the same issue. Looks like I’ll have to update my instance. Thanks a bunch!!


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