Track your YouTube Likes to Google Spreadsheets with n8n

I have developed a workflow to store my own Youtube Likes in a Google Spreadsheets.

The Google Spreadsheets has the following column names:

Video liked at Videotitel Videobeschreibung Channel ChannelId Channellink VideoId Videolink Thumbnail

If you have any questions about this workflow, please feel free to discuss here in the thread.

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Neat, thanks for sharing @niefuend!

How would you do if your Google Cloud Platform is controlled by your pro mail and the Youtube channel is controlled by the perso account.
Because I’m on self-host, I can’t add my perso mail as an admin to my space.

I think you have several options:

  1. you can also generate OAuth data with your perso account and then log in with your account.
  2. you can store the OAuth data from your Pro account at n8n and then log in with your perso account (not tested)

Are you sure that option 1 will work? And if yes do you know How can I do that?