Transform CSV with n8n

I would like to have your opinion.
Do you think I can transform CSV with n8n?

→ what I would like:
delete rows and columns.
when a cell is empty, copy the value of the cell above
put in US format ( . for decimal and , for separator)

here is an example of the expected output


Hi @Jean_Paul_MASCLET,

I can’t think of any “n8n-y” ways to achieve this, so you’d essentially need to build the desired format in code. I’d usually try to provide an example to at least get you started but from looking at your screenshots it’s unfortunately not very clear to me how your existing data looks like and which exact steps you’d like to apply to them.

Perhaps you can share an example of the JSON data directly from n8n and describe the exact transformation steps you’d like to apply to them, one by one?

Also, keep in mind the CSV format can’t include any formatting so having colors, bold text or columns spanning multiple other columns (like on your second screenshot) isn’t an option I am afraid.

hi and thanks for your info.

I think n8n is not the right tool to do this but I was hopeful :slight_smile:

However, I will give you more information.

Basically, it is an excel file (with color, bold)
It will be put in CSV.

In this CSV, fixed columns will be deleted. , fixed lines and the last lines deleted.

Also I would like to fill the empty cells so the result of the previous cell (just above).

in VBA it’s quite easy to do, but it’s for integration in APPs Bubble.

Thanks for reading me.