Transform Data URL into file

Hello expert,

i have a data URL (TICKET from the previous json) that i want to transfer to image, however, i use the convert from/to block but i dont know why it said that nothing to return?

am i setting anything wrongly??

can you please help to advise, thanks!!

Hi @Louis_kwok, good to see you again :slight_smile:

This is a bit tricky I am afraid. It appears the Convert to/from binary data node is struggling with reading data from arrays like the body field on your screenshot. In addition, it would expect the field name rather than the actual value in the “Source Key” field. Lastly, it appears your TICKET data is a URI rather than a raw base64 value, so you’d need to first extract the value itself.

So you’d need to

  1. Use an Item Lists node to split out your body array
  2. Extract the base64 value itself using a Set node
  3. Set up the Convert to/from binary data node itself

Here’s an example workflow:

This leaves you with a proper picture at the end:

Hope this helps!