Transform scraped data and send it to database

Dear community,
I´ve built the following workflow which scrapes some data from a website:

Now there are a few issues and I hope someone could give me a hint how to achive what I want to do.

  1. At the moment the output is an array ob objects in which the value of each key is an array. But it should be a simple string. How can I transform this?

  2. I´d like to send the data to my Pocketbase installation with each item one entry/row. Because there is no integration for Pocketbase yet, I guess I have to do this via an HTTP request to the API of Pocketbase. Is this possible and what should I do for it?

Thanks for your help!

It seems I solved the first question by myself :blush:

This works as I wanted. Still the second part to do. Thankful for every help :wink:

Hi @saschavalentin, welcome to the community :tada:

Glad to hear you got the first part working :smiley:

Seeing you have 17 individual items I believe you should be able to simply use an HTTP Request node in your next step and send a POST request to $yourPocketBaseUrl/api/collections/$collectionIdOrName/records as suggested in their docs.

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