Transformation for master…

How can I write the code in order to transform the following entry:

"application/json, text/plain, */*",
"{"type":"records.after.insert","id":"71e0a148-8c05-4e59-acd6-ff21a7c1a6f4","data":{"table_id":"mnipnur44c9wukw","table_name":"Cat","rows":[{"Id":6,"Title":"Az","CreatedAt":"2023-09-30 10:36:52 00:00","UpdatedAt":"2023-09-30 10:36:52 00:00","Fecha":null,"Edad":null,"Random":null,"Check":false}]}}": 

i need to extract only the rows that I have on the body section.

hi @MaaPer

Is everything ok with the json? As I see it has very strange key for the body part (quoted json as a key) and an empty value for that key.

you can extract it with the Set node like this:
{{ JSON.parse(Object.keys($json.body)[0]) }}


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