Trello Trigger firing twice

Just trying out a Trello Trigger node that should run when a Card is moved to a specified List.

Have set the node up with the list ID in the Model ID field.

When I move a card, the workflow is started twice! Both executions return the same data.

What could be causing this?


Realised that there were indeed two different actions being carried out:


There down’t seem to be a way of specifying which actions to listen for so it looks like I can just add an IF node to filter the one I want.

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Hi @seank1968, glad to hear you sorted it out and many thanks for sharing your solution!

I’m having the same problem, but I don’t find this ‘action_moved_card_higher’ in my json…
How did you manage to find out the problem?

@suardim In the incoming JSON from the Trello trigger there is:

"text":"Card Title"

In one of the exectutions it was “translationKey”:“action_move_card_from_list_to_list”, and in the other it was “translationKey”:“action_moved_card_higher”,

They may be something different in your.

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