Trello Tutorial missleading: There is no "Model ID" field in workflow code

This one leaves me with questions:

There is no “Model ID” field in workflow code

This is an early end with n8n → example out of date or not fitting reality → unable to finish → so I forget about n8n for the the time beeing…

Welcome to the community @Dieter_Rueffler

What do you mean by There is no “Model ID” field in workflow code? I just checked the Trello Trigger, and it asks for Model ID.

What am I missing?

I am new to n8n.
I was reading the trello trigger example in
There it was stated how to get the workflow with workflo code example.
The workflow code does not contain the string “Model ID”.
Very likely I do not understand n8n properly.
I guess I was not even able to copy the workflow code in the right place.
The screen shot that you are showing is also not available to me.

I guess n8n is not made for me.
I stick with integromat - there I get a clue what to do. With n8n I am just lost

Now I see: I have to install n8n on my computer first. That is not going to happen.
…somehow I was believing that “no coding” is also “serverless” … which is wrong
n8n is not mine

no need to reply

You need to install it on your computer just for testing purposes. If you want to use n8n in production, you have to either deploy it yourself or use n8n cloud.

I am a lazy guy. I do not enjoy installing SW on my computer.
Is it possible to develope and test online?

Yes, you can use n8n cloud. Sign up here.

OK, I signed up. Found the online editor but failed to do a workflow.
Is there a way to find a human coach for a Zoom session?

Hey @Dieter_Rueffler!

The workflow code doesn’t have the value for the Model ID. Each Trello board has its own ID. The documentation is to help you connect your Trello account with n8n and use the trigger node to trigger the workflow when you make changes to your Trello board. Creating a public Trello board with edit access is not a good idea. Hence, we didn’t put a Model ID with the workflow code.

Once, you sign-up for, you will receive an email from us with the link to book an onboarding session. I will also send you the link in the private message here.

Looking forward to talking to you :slight_smile: