Trigger issue

I am getting output in body parameter when I execute next flow it doesn’t trigger all the data which is received in trigger ( may be dynamic value is not coming from the trigger ) please let me know solution

Hey @chandan988, so you’d like the node after your webhook to run for each of the items received in your webhook? If so, you’d need to split the body array field you are receiving into individual n8n items first.

The easiest way of doing this would be through the Item Lists node. Simply enter body as the field name for the Split Out Items operation:


This should convert each item in your body into a proper n8n item.

Is their any solution in which if any new row is added in Google Sheet then only it should execute, If i pull data from Google sheet but only new row should get executed to next node rest should be avoided

So you want to compare your webhook data with existing Google Sheets data? And only if your webhook contains new data, proceed (with adding the new data to Google Sheets)?

There is a way to achieve this. The first step would be to transform your webhook items into individual items as described above.

You could then compare your items received via webhook with your items received from Google Sheets (and only keep those elements not present in Google Sheets yet). I’ve posted an example of how to compare two different data sources recently in this thread: