Trigger node not showing up

I’m unsure what’s happened, but I somehow cannot get my trigger node to show up in the node catalog. Here’s my forked repository containing the trigger node, the functionalities should not be working but I’m having a hard time trying to get even the templates to be displayed: n8n/packages/nodes-base/nodes/Onfleet at master · jamesliupenn/n8n · GitHub

BTW, my regular node is showing with no problems :thinking:

I have ran through the following commands with no errors whatsoever, there are no other n8n instances running and there is no conflict in the ports used:

  • lerna bootstrap --hoist
  • npm run build
  • npm run dev

Hey @ilsemaj!

Did you add the Trigger node to the package.json file? I am only seeing the Onfleet.node.js file. You will have to add the file for the trigger node to package.json.


omg you are right! Late night coding is killing my brain cells