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When setting up a workflow trigger for Google calendar, there is an option to trigger on, “Event Started” but also a configuration for poll times. What does the poll time do in this scenario? My expectation would be that for every event starting, the workflow would get triggered once. If 10 events started at the same time, the work flow would execute 10 times.

But the poll time makes me suspicious. So if I set the poll time to once every hour. Does that mean every hour the workflow will go out and look for all the events that started since it last ran? Would all those events be handled as part of the same workflow?

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Hey @Tyler,

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N8n needs to poll for changes in your calendar to trigger a workflow based on your configuration. This is due to technical belongings.

If you configure your trigger to poll every minute for events that are started, then your workflow will only be executed if there is an event which was started.

Based on your example the workflow will be executed 10 times after the 10 events started.

The polling configuration just tells n8n how often it should look for started events.

Hope that makes things a bit clearer now.


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That makes total sense. Thanks for the explanation and warm welcome!

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