Trouble parsing Data to Postgres (Boolean Error with Character Varying Column)

Hi dear Community,

We’ve created a Workflow that is supposed to request Data from Matomo on a daily Basis to parse it over to a Postgres Database. Unfortunately this is never working as we keep running into the following Error:

Error Message:
ERROR: Invalid input for ‘visitorid’ [item 0]
‘visitorid’ expects a boolean but we got ‘6195676dc8d5ebe9’.

However, our Postgres Database Column is set to “Character varying”:

Please share your workflow

  • Trigger daily on a schedule
  • Make a HTTP Request to Matomo
  • Parse the returned data to our Postgres (Upsert) Database

Information on your n8n setup

  • **n8n version:**1.7.1

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi @hendrik1, welcome to the community, though I am very sorry you are having trouble.

I’ve tried reproducing the problem you have reported by creating a PostgreSQL table like this:

CREATE TABLE hendrik1 (
	visitorid varchar(40)

I then inserted the string 6195676dc8d5ebe9 into the table using an n8n workflow like this:

This worked as expected:

Querying the table also returns the expected result:

So I wonder if your workflow handles the Insert operation in a different way. Can you share your Postgres node (simply select it on your n8n canvas and press Ctrl+C to copy it, then press Ctrl+V to paste it here on the forum) as well as the full JSON data structure you are sending to your Postgres node? You can, of course, redact any confidential values, but it’d be important to have the full data structure.

Thank you so much!

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