Troubleshooting API Credentials (Zscaler)


We’re unable to connect n8n to our Zscaler ZIA API due to a 403 error so I wanted to ask if anyone has experience with this or ideas how to troubleshoot.

So far we have:

  • Obtained admin credentials and the API key for Zscaler
  • Successfully used those credentials in the Postman API SDK published by Zscaler to authenticate and read data from the API
  • Put the same credentials into n8n, and got a 403 error when testing the connection

Do you have any suggestions what we should check/change or how to make it work?


Quick update on this: even though the test credential function fails with a 403 error, the credential is useable in flows and does work for API access. So maybe it’s just a minor issue with the test capability. But the important functionality still works.

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May be a stupid question. What are you using n8n with Zscaler for?

We are just doing a Zscaler spin up at work so you have me interested.

Thanks so much for confirming this is working in general @jzrts and sorry for the trouble with the credentials test.

I suspect what’s happening here is that your user account might not have permissions for the request used to test the credentials:

Perhaps you can send a request to https://{{$credentials.baseUrl}}/api/v1/authSettings/exemptedUrls using the HTTP Request node and check the full response you’re getting? With a bit of luck Zscaler sends a comprehensive response explaining what’s missing :slight_smile:

That was the problem. We only granted our API key permission to read Zscaler location configuration, not anything else. So the built-in test was denied, but still it could satisfy our use case to check the location configuration. Thanks for your help!

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