Trying error WF, what is missing?

A one node WF (with its error WF set), the error WF does not trigger if I manually execute the WF
The function code is not correct

The WF :

The error WF :

Could you please fix the above workflows so that they can be easily copied.

Best by instead of using > in front of it, formatting it as a code block like described here with the three back-ticks:

I will then have a look. Thanks!

Really sorry jan, i’ve just used the proposed icons here, I didn’t know MD was ok here.

I just tested, it works totally fine for me. Did you test with a production workflow? Because Error-Workflows do not get executed when testing via the UI.

Thanks jan, yes it works, I had to remember to use the Active button instead of the manual “Execute WF” :no_mouth:

Great to hear that it works. Have fun!