Trying to build a website change monitor

Hi, I am new to n8n, and I would like to use the tool to monitor changes on websites for the company I am currently working at. I managed to find a pre existing workflow called - Message on website content changed in Telegram, i think a code node can be used to supply multiple URL’s, so that should be fine, the problem is that it seems like the if clause is not working properly, whatever i do it does not seem to change anything. As seen in the screenshot, the if clause compares the two responses and in theory if there is any difference it should alert me on telegram, however, no matter what i do i always get alerted, meaning that there is always something changing, even tho I have tested it and confirmed multiple times that there is no change happening on the websites I am providing. Does anyone have a solution, or possibly another workflow related to what I am trying to do?
Thank you in advance :smiley:

Hi @Lazar_Milic, welcome to the community!

Are you trying to monitor the actual Hacker News page? If so, you might find it easier to monitor their RSS feed. @Jon built a community node starting a workflow when a new feed item is found:

If you want to use two HTTP Request nodes instead I think you’d need to compare the data each of them has retrieved. Like so:

Hope this helps!

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