Trying to connect n8n to Google Search Console

I am posting this again since the system incorrectly flagged my account and there is now no way for me to continue posting. This continues to be a problem, here is where I am at.

note: The google drive links below are my screenshots showing the problem

Describe Problem:

I cannot get n8n to connect to google search console

What is the error message (if any)?

n8n error: brave_GW05nEIgK2.png - Google Drive

auth: brave_WATRvlkm1o.png - Google Drive

google cloud oath consent screen: brave_R4iOgfEY41.png - Google Drive

Please share your workflow

Im using the HTTP request node and oauth2 to connect, I am able to get into my account, but once I execute it says I don’t have the rights. When I setup my application in Google Cloud to give my email test user access that seems to work, meaning I’m connected, its just when I run the application to the following URL it doesn’t work

I’ve even tried:

both webmasters and read-only scopes have been tried, and neither work.

Hi @brian08723, welcome to the community and sorry for the trouble.

From looking at your screenshot it appears you’re getting an User does not have sufficient permission for site error. Seeing this is not an error coming from n8n itself, can you confirm if you have your request working outside of n8n?

Searching for this error message suggests the domain name might need to be passed on in a special format (SO discussion). You’d also have to make sure that the Google user you’re using to authenticate n8n with Google is added to your search console.

Perhaps you can review these two points?

the winning combo of missing settings was setting a date-time frame by passing it as a parameter + adding sc-domain: to the beginning of the sites/ pathing. google seems to have created a little bit of technical debt that isn’t documented well. thanks for helping unearth that!


screenshot: brave_nEQK49scWg.png - Google Drive


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