Trying to get binary data from Webhook after a SQL Node

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I’m trying to Upload a photo that i receive from a POST, when i use the following nodes:

Webhook > FTP > Respond Webhook


But i’m validating all requests using a SQL Script to check if the token from request have permission to upload. So, the workflows stay like that:

The SQL Node output “Msg” : “Autorizado” when everything works fine.

What is the error message (if any)?

The FTP Node can’t find binary data from webhook…

I tried to get from expression but seems im missing something…

Hi @fellipe.rocha :wave: Since this requires outside credentials I wouldn’t be able to test this directly, but if you change the expression to something like {{ $('Webhook') }} instead, does this solve the issue?

Can you show an example of the binary data that you’re getting? Is it multiple files, for example? :thinking:

Hi folks, you should be able to use the Merge node to bring back binary data from a previous node :slight_smile:

Like so:

In this example, the first HTTP Request node downloads a binary file, but the second one makes an API request with the response overwriting the binary file. The merge node combines the data from both nodes again, so both the binary file as well as the API response would be available.

These are just examples everyone can run out of the box, the workflow would also work when using a Webhook node in place of the first HTTP Request node and an SQL server node in place of the second HTTP Request node of course.


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