Trying to get Google Contact Group Name and not IDs

I am a beginner. I’m trying to find the name of the groups in the Google Contact API (not the ID, which I can find using GETmany) but the name of the group to which each contact belongs.

I thought of using the method described here (Method: contactGroups.get  |  People API  |  Google Developers) but I can’t manage to do it

Thank you in advance for your help

The workflow

The output

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Hi @Jujusticier, welcome to the community :tada:

To make an API request not supported by the Google Contacts node you could use the HTTP Request node.

That said, from playing a bit with this the memberships field doesn’t just include contact groups but also metadata for me. So to get this to work I first needed to split out all the membership elements coming from Google Contacts, then find the actual contact groups. I did this using the Item Lists and the IF node and ended up with a workflow like this:

The result includes the human-readable group names:

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much ! It worked perfectly, I intergrated with the workflow and it worked (still work needed but it worked)
Thanks for everything, I will share the complete workflow once finished, it could help others

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Sweet, glad to hear this helped!

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