Tunnel questions

I have discovered the --tunnel command and it’s ability to allow webhooks into your homelab. I appreciate that n8n are offering this reverse proxy service for free and it’s so easy to get working.

It’s been a huge help for me on my home n8n server, now I can have a webhook coming from Pipedrive into n8n inside my network. I can turn off zapier thanks to this, I just saved 22€ a month. So thank you!

The documentation says don’t use this for production and I appreciate the service they are offering. I would be interested to know is there some way to purchase a static url which is not randomized on startup. It would still be very low amounts of traffic, but at least I wouldn’t have to update my google app every time I boot my docker container. which admittedly isn’t often.

Or am I misunderstanding how it works?

Thank you!

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Hi @louiszezeran, you can definitely set up n8n with a static URL, though this isn’t a service we offer ourselves (outside of our n8n cloud offering, of course).

I think the cheapest option with little implementation effort would be to:

  1. Purchase a domain from a low cost provider such as Porkbun. There are also completely free providers but they all have a very mixed reputation from what I can tell (so I’d suggest avoiding these).
  2. Then use a Cloudflare tunnel to make your n8n machine available under the domain you have purchased (or one of its subdomains). You’d have to install their daemon on your server, but it can handle dynamic IPs just fine.
  3. Update the WEBHOOK_URL environment variable to match the actual domain name you want to use.

Cloudflare would take over the role of n8n’s tunnel service here, so you’d no longer need the --tunnel option.

Assuming you choose a cheap domain, this would cost well under $1 per month (plus the time to set it up, of course).


Thank you very much for the reply! This is infact exactly what I ended up doing and I can say it works well and webhooks function as expected.

thank you for the work. I’ve been dealing with Integration Servers since the webmethods days 20+ years ago and I really love n8n. It’s the open source integration server I always wanted.


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