Twilio - Receive & Read SMS - Any Success?

Hi Everyone

Has anyone out there successfully developed an n8n flow that receives and reads the content of an SMS message sent to your Twilio SMS number?

I’ve managed to send out a Twilio SMS message from Airtable to Twilio, but using a Webhook at the moment is bit out of my skill level to receive and send any responses to those SMS back to Airtable, so I’d be interested to learn from anyones flows. :slight_smile:

Thank you



I don’t use Twilio but if it helps the theory seems easy enough. Set up a web hook trigger and configure twilio to post to it then hit execute node and reply to a message to see what comes in and work from there.

I noticed a twilio api test harness so it might be possible to knock a quick example together of the theory.


The link below explains it very well. The only thing, it’s that the node currently does no expose the
statusCallback parameter, which seems to be needed. I will add it when I have time, it should be quick.


Thanks @RicardoE105