Twitter node: Send Private Messages [GOT CREATED]


I am interested to send private messages through Twitter.
Is it possible to add this endpoint

to the node?


@Miquel_Colomer got created. We will let you know when is released.


Wow, that was really fast :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot @RicardoE105!

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Got released with [email protected]

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I have checked from localhost and OAuth connection returns this error
“Desktop applications only support the oauth_callback value ‘oob’”

No tunnel is provided for n8n instance.
Is this required for OAuth Authentication?

Hey @Miquel_Colomer!

The localhost Callback URL works fine for me. I can assure you that the node is working fine, and it is not n8n. However, I am not sure what might have caused the error for you. Can you try adding the credentials once again and try executing the node?

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I found the problem.

My n8n callback was not added in the Twitter app to accept OAuth queries.

I will check it with that.

Thanks @harshil1712!