Typeform/Clickup Integration runs 4 times

For some reason, and I don’t know if it’s because of TypeForm or because of ClickUp, whenever a form response I get from TypeForm is sent as a new task to ClickUp, n8n makes 4 exact copies of the task.

I only have one trigger and one consumed API in my workflow so this is quite confusing.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?

Very strange. How many items are in each node? So what number does it display next to “Results” when you go into the node and display its data?

Did you check how often the workflow gets executed? To check that, make sure to also save successful executions that you can see them in the past executions. Because it could be possible that the workflow gets started by TypeForm 4x. Like that there are for some reason multiple webhooks set on TypeForm or something similar.

Yeah you’re right, for some reason the webhook got called 4 times on one submission. Weird.

It’s reproducible though, so it doesn’t seem like a one-off bug

I think I’ve narrowed down the issue - the workflow my node is currently in used to have 4 typeform triggers before, but once this error started occurring, I moved the other 3 triggers to their own separate workflows.

Upon testing the other triggers, they only made one copy of a response, whereas the original workflow made 4 - is it possible that originally having 4 typeform triggers in one workflow screwed something up there?

Are you using the latest version of n8n? Versions till around 1.5 months ago had a bug which occured if a workflow had multiple trigger nodes. It did then not unregister them properly (it did only do it for one but not all).

that shouldn’t really matter though. The other triggers were for completely different typeforms - would that bug still apply?

Yes could be because it would always just have unregistered the same and then would have left all others behind. So each time the workflow would have gotten activated it would have done that (so also every time n8n would have been started). But are right now not 100% sure that is even possible with TypeForm webhooks. Would have to check the code for that but are sadly only on my mobile phone as I am literally in bed. So do not wonder if I do not answer for a while now . It is not me ignoring you :wink:

I just sent a pull request about this. Now the webhook will be reuse instead of creating a new one every time.

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Thanks a lot @RicardoE105! Got released with [email protected]