UI improvements for the editor-UI

I have some feedback on potentially improving the UI editing experience for n8n nodes like the function node. I am guessing that some of these may even have workarounds that I am not aware of and am hoping to get educated on the same.

  1. If I delete a node accidentally, there is no way to get it back by doing a CTRL+Z/CMD+Z. This is particularly annoying when I have a lot of new code written in it and accidentally delete the node before saving the workflow.

  2. Selecting multiple lines and doing a tab simply deletes those lines in the editor view of any node

  3. When selecting text in any node, if the mouse pointed happens to be outside the node pop-up before the selection click is released, the node pop-up simply closes. Is there a way to detect selection clicks or maybe even prevent the node pop-up from closing on clicks outside it, considering that there is a dedicated close button for that operation? Sometimes, this compounded with item no.1 causes an entire node to be irrecoverably deleted when all I was doing was selecting a line and deleting it.

Hi @ajayjohn!

Thanks a lot for your requests. Could you please split these up into three separate feature requests? This way other users can vote on them accordingly and will help us prioritize what we’re able to focus on next. As you can understand, for each feature we have to assess the effort involved and % of user affected - so having votes from the community on specific granular requests helps inform this.

As someone who responsible for product design at n8n, I’d just like to say that this IS great feedback and appreciate the frustrations of loosing data. Unfortunately, undoing a deleted node is rather non-trivial and so this is a great example where a lot of votes on that feature in particular would help us escalate development of that feature.


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@maxT Thank you for explaining that. I apologize for the delay in responding to you.

I have gone ahead and split items 1 and 2 into separate threads. However, I am not able to edit this current thread and use it for the third point alone.
Could you please edit the opening post for me?