UI: New workflows should default to show trigger nodes

When a user creates a new workflow, the app currently displays Regular nodes.
However, this is both misleading and unhelpful, since (generally) only Trigger nodes can start a workflow.
It would help users understand their options if the app defaulted to show Trigger nodes in new workflows.

Yes thought initially also about doing that but did not it in the end as I was not sure if it is more helpful or more confusing for people if the default changes.

Why would it be confusing to show people the options available at the start of a workflow?

It could be confusing because it would change what the menu displays by default.

why not β€œAll” instead?

triggers are not as many as regulars are and now you have to take an action (click on them or all) in order to look for one.

i would opt for All as default view, at worse (starting to lose simplicity) add a relevant settings option.

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If we choose all we would display always all the trigger nodes even though they are 95% of the time needed only exactly once, in the beginning. Not sure if that would be much better. Unless I am sure that the change is an improvement it is not worth confusing people for sure with changing the current behavior.

Like I mentioned a few days ago, in another topic about a similar subject, are we looking for solutions how that can be improved already.