Uknown status in Workflow Excelutions on

Hi, I am running into a problem related to Workflow Executions. In my workflows, I always got the status “unknown”. I understand the note (n8n cannot tell if it finished) and read other related posts in the forum – but mostly, they were related to running self-hosted version. I am on the cloud version, so there’s no configuration. Is there anything I can do, or is it “a feature” of n8n?

I want to run production workflows, but as I don’t know if it ran or not, I can rely on n8n…
Thanks for any ideas or help…

Sorry to hear that you have problems! What n8n version are you running? Because in the latest n8n version (0.130.0) that problem should not occur anymore.

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@jan Hi, I was running 1.28.0. I have updated the instance to 1.30.0 and it looks promising. Thank you!


Hey @honzapav if the problem is still happening, could you please share the workflow or some details about it (like the nodes it uses).

This can help us identify and fix the problem.

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Hi @krynble – it has become better, but the problem I described appears in every second workflow execution. See the screenshot. I will send you the details in DM.

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Interesting, I will check your private message and see how we can help!