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I am unable to verify and receive my badge. It looks like you still have a couple of steps to complete before you earn your badge, Enter your unique ID in the URL below to see what is missing. n8n Course Certificate Verification

What is the error message (if any)?

The certificate with ID **** is not recognized and has not been awarded to anyone.

Hey @ruizjt,

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Can you share your ID and I can take a look and see what is needed.

Hi Jon. The ID I received in the email after signing up was reccCzx5wIr2jUIZT. Below is the error I receive when verifying.
The certificate with ID reccCzx5wIr2jUIZT is not recognized and has not been awarded to anyone. Additionally, I get the following infomraiton with the error.

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Hey @ruizjt,

It looks like that is correct, We don’t do the certificates anymore but looking at the options under it you have not notified the team which normally means the Discord step didn’t get the correct data.


Thanks Jon. How do I notify the team and what should I let them know? The course instructions don’t document the Discord step. I am not able to check my progress either since I was not asked to login when taking the course. I am confused as to how the mapping between the ID I received after signup and me completing the course works.

How do I complete the course?#

There are two milestones in this course that test your knowledge of what you have learned in the lessons:

You can always check your progress throughout the course by entering your unique ID here.

If you successfully complete the milestones above, you will get a badge and an avatar in your forum profile. You can then share your profile and course verification ID to showcase your n8n skills to others.

Hey @ruizjt,

The steps for the Discord part can be found here: Notifying the team | n8n Docs

Part of the course has you use that ID to complete some of the steps, It sounds like you may have missed the entire section.

Hi Jon, thanks for your help. I did all the steps. However, I found the issue with your assistance. The issue is with the documentation. My ID was recognized after I updated the header syntax in the Discord node. Below I have provided the syntax. The root cause was that the ID was not being sent to Discord because the value was not being pulled as a result of a typo in the documentation. Once I updated “parameter” to “parameters” the ID was being read and sent to Discord. Yet, I still get an error when attempting to retrieve my achievement.

Syntax Typo in Documentation:
Documentation Synxtax not working: {{$node[“HTTP Request”].parameter[“headerParameters”][“parameter”][0][“value”]}}

Modified Syntax working:{{$node[“HTTP Request”].parameter[“headerParameters”][“parameters”][0][“value”]}}

Error now:

Hey @ruizjt,

That looks good, there is no error there as we don’t offer the certificates anymore. The badge should be applied to your account shortly.

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