Unable to authenticate with Dropbox (access token or OAuth2)

I’m trying to create credentials for Dropbox. The “Dropbox OAuth2 API” only shows fields to connect via a hardcoded app it seems, which is not validated by Dropbox:


Error when I click on “Connect my account”:

I’ve also tried the “Dropbox API”:

and it works with an access token… but Dropbox now only delivers short lived access token so this won’t work for a workflow that must be run regularly.

See the notice of deprecation of long lived access tokens from Dropbox here: Migrating App Permissions and Access Tokens - Dropbox

Did I miss something for the Dropbox OAuth2 API? I’ve quickly checked at the source code of the node and can see other fields, but they are not shown in the interface.
Should the “Dropbox API” be deprecated too? Access token seems not a viable alternative anymore.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @4ian, I am so sorry you are having trouble. Can you confirm which version of n8n version you are currently using and if it’s a self-hosted instance or n8n cloud? It seems you have deleted the forum template, but these details would be quite helpful in better understanding the problem.

Nevermind, I could find a cloud account under your forum email and fellow team member @EmeraldHerald was able to reproduce the problem (I couldn’t do this myself, presumably because I originally registered before this restriction kicked in).

We’ll take a closer look into this and will get back to you as soon as we know more.


Thank you!
Let me know if you need something on my end, the workflow is working well but only for a few hours because of the limited access token lifetime. Would be good to have the OAuth2 version working so Dropbox is usable again :+1:

Hi @4ian, thank you so much for your patience in this matter. Dropbox has now finished their app review and you should be able to use OAuth2 again. Can you give this a quick go on your side and let me know if you’re still seeing any trouble here?

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Seems to work well, thank you for following this up!

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