Unable to create sales order using Odoo Integration

I was working on Odoo integration using n8n but I am getting the following error while creating a sales order.

ERROR: UNKNOWN ERROR - check the detailed error for more information
Due to security restrictions, you are not allowed to create ‘Sales Order’ (sale.order) records. Records: S231 (id=28) User: Rohit (id=2) This restriction is due to the following rules: Contact your administrator to request access if necessary.

Is there any solution for above issue?

  1. Also when I create sales order from Odoo platform, quotation needs to be created first and then only I can create order

However when I am trying to create a sales order from n8n, neither there is provision to create quotations from n8n nor they are asking for quotation details while creating the order.

Can someone help to provide more information on this question as well

Hi @Rohit_Mali, welcome to the community!

This error message would be coming from Odoo itself. So you might want to check the relevant documentation on how to address such permission problems.

If you want (or need) to avoid using n8n’s built-in logic you can also consider using the HTTP Request node to manually specify and send an API request that better suits your particular environment and permissions to your Odoo instance.

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