Unable to get content data with "read binary file" node

I need to return content data (buffer type) while reading a file using read binary file node. However, the only information I got are the headers.

Thank you very much

Hey @adricampi!

The Read Binary File node will fetch the file from a path. Once you have the file, you can use the Move Binary Data node to convert the data to JSON, use the Function node to manipulate the data (if that’s what the aim is), and use the Move Binary Data node to again convert it to Binary.

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

What I really need is to read the content (binary code) of the document I am reading, to generate later a hash with the crypto node

just like if I made "md5sum “filePath” " on an Linuxterminal to generate a hash of a file.

Don’t know if that is possible with n8n

In this case it is probably the easiest to use the Execute Command node with the “md5sum” command. Will also be much better performance wise.

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Thank you very much, I just have foud that node a few minutes ago. And I think is the best solution
Thanks again :smile:

Glad to hear. Have fun!

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