Unable to read data from un-connected nodes (since update)


We have noticed a change since in a recent upgrade of N8N where existing functionality seems to have changed.

In the below workflow we set some information (Date & Time) and then try to pull that back in later in the workflow even though the nodes are not connected. This previously worked by referencing it using the syntax

/home/node/.n8n/sqs-loaded-{{$node[“Date & Time”].json[“data”]}}.json

Because there are not connected i can’t use the variable selector as there is not output data

However since one of the latest release this no longer works - Is there a new way to call for data from an un-connected node.

You can see the same in (Set1) that is later called by (Delete Message from SQS).

Will i need to rewrite the workflows so the information is passed through or is there a new way to call it?

Hope that makes sense


Hi @messi198310, I am sorry for the trouble.

My understanding it was an oversight that this was possible in the first place and that this approach is incompatible with the paired items functionality we’re currently working on.

Could you add a Merge node in either Wait or Pass-through mode to merge the orphaned branch back into your main branch? This would solve the problem of your node not being unconnected.