Unable to read json key with spaces ex: ["Quantità "]

In following workflow I am using spreadsheet node to convert csv into json and then reading ["Quantità "] from that json howver I am not able to fetch the value.

But the weird this is like shown in below screenshot, I mimic the data of spreadsheet in code1 node and then perform same action then it is fetching the values. I don’t know why it is happening.
Any help would be appreciated.

@jan @MutedJam Can you please check this issue?

Hey @Rohit_Mali,

There is no need to tag members of the team, We typically deal with questions during office hours which would be between 9am and 5pm Berlin time Monday to Friday it is also currently a 4 day weekend for the Easter Holiday.

We will also typically prioritise any questions that have completed the support template we provide which will give us some useful information like the version of n8n you are running.

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