Unable to update the Jira issue status using JIRA node fails with 413 error, please help

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I have a big workflow which will basically filter all tickets relevant and update the status of the issue at the end , I am stuck at the last part updating jirs status with jira node , the node fails beacuse it has 891 issue status to be updated. Please help how can I make it work’?

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Problem running workflow

Request failed with status code 413

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Hey @Siya,

Where are you seeing the error is it in the nodes response? If you have 891 issues in the same post request it might be more than Jira allows so you may have to split it up into smaller chunks to handle it.

Yes I am seeing the response in Jira node , So How can I split ? can you please give me some ideas? I tried using batch split failed with same error

@Jon , Just tagging you hoping you will help me :slightly_smiling_face:

Split in batches is probably the best way but… Is the data multiple items or is it one large option in the node itself?

@Jon , Its the multiple items . So total of around 800 items. So I just need issue key from those json items , While I was trying to use set node in the next step to just pick these Keys even that fails with 413 response.

Do we have something like Postman so we can run collections of individual requests ?

Also please let me know why is set node also failing?

Hey @Siya,

Something like Postman would be the HTTP Request node but you may see the same issue with that as well.

I really need to see the full workflow to work out what is happening.

I thought I shared it above , is it not there ?

Hey @Siya,

It looks like you shared part of one node but not the complete workflow… Or at least if you did I can’t see it.

If you have shared it correctly you will see a preview of the workflow in the post.

@Jon ;I am not sure what I am doing wrong!

Hey @Siya,

I have fixed it, Which node are you using to kick this workflow off? Looking at what you have shared I am actually surprised it works with those merge nodes.

Is it the update issue node that is causing the problems for you?

hi @Jon , Yes its the update node thats causing issue , rest works fine(Note I am yet to give trigger node still in testing phase)…May I know what did you fix?

Hey @Siya,

It was the formatting I fixed, I am not sure why you are getting a 413 error there normally you would get that if you are sending too much data but there is not a lot of data there.

Can you try with just one item in the workflow and see what that does? How are you running n8n as well?

Hi @Jon , I am currently manually triggering 3 different nodes and starting workflow. Ans I did test with one data it works fine , its just that when I send 100’s of data it fails .

Just to clarify , did you fix set node ?

Hey @Siya,

The only thing I did was correctly format the workflow you posted in your comment so it displays. The workflow example you shared isn’t using an expression. Just to check though are you sure you are getting a 413 error and not a 429 error?

Hi @Jon , So I have a csv file which has the JIRA-keys whose state has to be updated , The problem is we do not have bulk API update in JIra for to update the JIRA issues state in one go, My question is do we have any node in n8n which will facilitate batch update (by indivisually picking each issues and processing in the form of batch )?

Hey @Siya,

The HTTP Request node has the ability to handle requests in batches, This could also be done manually using the Split in Batches node to create smaller batches of data that can be looped over you can then also apply a wait node to give a bit of a delay between the requests.

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