Unable to Validate Zoom Webhook

Hi, I cannot validate any webhooks from our Zoom App (Srv 2 Srv OAuth) since last week.
It would fail the auto validation occasionally, but I usually could manually validate it from the Zoom App settings after 2-3 attempts. Now I cannot validate any other the webhooks anymore.

I do not see any errors, and I have confirmed the Hash created is correct.

Any assistance would be amazing!

Hey @James_Laurie,

I guess if the hash is correct in the logs and Zoom is saying it isn’t it might be worth asking them, I would have checked the same thing you have and if there are no errors on your side it must be an issue with Zoom or they have changed something and not updated their docs.

I have escalated to Zoom as well, but was hoping maybe someone here could see something I was missing.

Its really odd as this was all working somewhat stable until last week, but not changes have been made on our n8n instance or the scenario either. Hopefully zoom assist.

Hey @James_Laurie,

I wish I could help but without seeing the request zoom sent and what you sent back it is hard to say but I trust that you have checked the values and looked for any dodgy characters :slight_smile:

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