Unable to verify the first certificate n8n

Hey I am getting the following error message when trying to send a GET request from a Budibase app to my n8n webhook. I havw no issue sending the same request in Chrome

Query Error: request to https://n8n.en-pro.com/webhook/************** failed, reason: unable to verify the first certificate

I am running n8n in Docker. I can provide more details if need be, thank you in advance!

Hey @C11,

I suspect that is an issue with the ssl configuration, have you checked that your certificate is set correctly or checked to see if Budibase has an option to ignore certificate errors to see if that works?

Budibase doesn’t seem to have the option, but Ill look into it.

What specifically could be wrong with the SSL config? I’m using it secure our websites without issue, and the webhook URL works fine when visiting from Chrome

Thank you for your reply

Hey @C11,

It could be that the certificate chain is not complete, if your n8n install is public you could run it through the ssl labs tool to see if it flags anything.

It could also be that Budibase is running on a machine that needs an update.

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I generated the correct chain and that did the trick! Thank you for putting me on the right track!


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