Uninstall n8n

hello I wanted to know how to uninstall n8n from a directory where I installed it, preventing it from being uninstalled in another directory.
let me explain: I installed n8n in the directory /home /a and it has been fine for a long time, then I installed another n8n on /home/b with the command (npm --prefix /home/b n8n), here I would like to uninstall the latter

Very sorry but have no experience with npm --prefix. So can not be of much help here.

In this forum, you will the best answers to questions directly related to n8n but much less (to none) with issues like this. It is true that n8n can be installed via npm and we can for sure help with the most basic cases but not edge-cases like yours. A much better place would be a forum about npm or stackoverflow.


thanks for your attention soon