Unprocessed Items "Split in Batches"


I want to know how can I get an unprocessed items from the Split in batches Node.

Imagine that I have a counter after Split in barches Node that will count the runindexes, then at a certain number I would love to have an EXIT If node (False branch), then another node that collect all the items that hasn’t been processed yet.

How can I make this happen ?

Hi @TheG, I’d really recommend avoiding such a construct. It seems very error prone as n8n does not currently provide the unprocessed items natively.

But if you do want to implement this you can re-use some of the logic from this workflow to determine how often a loop has been executed. This example assumes the node proceeding the loop only receives one list of items and also assumes there is no binary data:

This example will provide you with the processed and the unprocessed input items:

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