Unspecific Trello Trigger

I have a question about the Trello trigger. I was able to use it effectively to trigger workflows when a card is moved to another list. However, lists are relatively static in nature. Now I need a trigger that will be activated when a change is made within a checklist (for example, checking a checkbox).

The challenge, of course, is that there are an extremely large number of cards associated with a checklist, and I cannot create a workflow for each card (technically I could, but it would be very unsightly :D). Especially considering that n8n creates a significant number of cards in my processes, the whole thing is quite dynamic.

My current idea is to use the n8n API to automatically create new workflows with the trigger mapped to the newly created card. But even then, I would probably clutter n8n with too many workflows. Is there no more elegant way that I am overlooking?

Hi @philip, welcome to the community :tada:

Most n8n trigger nodes including the Trello one would use webhooks under the hood.

From taking a look at https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/trello/guides/rest-api/webhooks/ it seems Trello doesn’t have a concept of “catch all” webhooks I am afraid, meaning they’d always have to be connected to a given model ID.

So this might be more of a feature request for Trello than n8n, I think. Alternatively, you could consider fetching all relevant lists/cards at regular intervals, then saving the state and comparing it to the new state on the next execution. This would introduce quite a bit of complexity though.

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