Update all rows in Google Sheets

Hello. I am new to n8n world, trying to get some things done.

I want to update some information into a google sheet.
The problem I am founding is the Update command just updates some of the rows in my sheet because some of them we’ll have the same information as others (it’s searching in another sheet for a specific code for specifics of a product we are selling)

This is the last part of the workflow where I am having trouble with:

before executing the command update:

After the update:

As it is it’s not updating all the columns because some of them have the same ID, is there another way to execute this kind of update?

Hey @suardim,

Sadly we treat the ID as being a unique identifier when doing the search so it will only match the first item, Without using unique IDs I am not sure what else could be done on this one sadly. Do you have a field that is unique?

In this case not

That makes things tricky, I can’t think of a way we could do it without overwriting all IDs with the same data. Any attempt to change the node to support this though would need to go through as a feature request for a future release.

Does it need to update the sheet or is it adding to the sheet? We could just write the data including the IDs that may solve the problem or maybe Create or Update will do the job.

I understand Jon.
It needs to update the sheet unfortunately.

It could be something that works just when a new row is added?
If it just looks for the information on that specfic row it must update the other columns right?

Hey @suardim,

Sadly we don’t have anything that will trigger when a new row is added with Google Sheets, It is a bit of a tricky one this.

Does it need to be a Google Sheet? There are applications out there that work like Google Sheets but they assign an ID to each row as well which we can work with.

Maybe not.

Wich one are you talking about?

The first 2 I think of are Baserow and Airtable, I have a personal preference towards Baserow as you can host it yourself but both are good options.

Thanks @Jon maybe that’s what I need.
I will take a look into that.

Aprecciate all the help and sharing!

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No problem at all :raised_hands: